◆Steel Output]US weekly raw steel produc...
     The US Raw Steel production declined marginally by 0.2% over the previous week during the week ended...
◆[Steel Price]Southern European HRC Stee...
     LONDON (Scrap Register): The Southern European hot rolled cold (HRC) steel prices declined sharply b...
◆Congratulations: Wan steel win
     the bid of Iran national petroleum
◆A new production line
     line of PPGI for ODΦ900-1600mm, IDΦ508mm,production speed rate 50-160m/min in 12th


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Head Office Add: Wan Steel Industrial Park,Taian,China.

Branch Office Add:No.96 Great Wall Road,Taian City,China
Tel: 0086-538-8997111/8997222
Fax:  0086-538-8997333
Mobile: 0086-18661303181

Web:  www.sdwansteel.com


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адрес:Wan Steel Industrial Park,Tai'an City,Shandong Province,China. почтовый индекс:271000
телефон:0086-538-8997111/8997222 Факс:0086-538-8997333
почтовый ящик:sdwansteel@yahoo.cn/sdwansteel@163.com