◆the business environment becoming extre...
     Country's largest steel maker SAIL today said with the business environment becoming extremely chall...
◆Global Steel industry profile provides ...
     Global Steel industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information inc...
◆Why is India’s steel consumption rising...
     If demonetisation has affected steel-consuming sectors such as automobile and construction/real esta...
◆PPMAI urges govt to cut import duty on ...
     The city­based Process Plant and Machinery Association of India (PPMAI), which represents the c...

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Corporate culture
Enterprise culture is the soul of it’s development, inheriting it’s value orientation and behavior standard. It condensate it’s general belief and whole forces.
In the ten years of reform and development practice, it establishes “Strict demanding spirit, Innovative road, First-class target” as the mainline. Regard the “Integrity, Synergy” as the core culture of Wan Steel.
Strict demanding spirit. Be serious and strictly observe regulation spirit. Demanding substantial results.

Study Innovative road, to learn advanced scientific technology and do works in creative ways.
To achieve the first-class target.

Integrity, Loyal and keep our words. Wan Steel should be loyal to it’s workers,country,peoples and customers.

Synergy, To achieve one target togetherly.

Wan Steel culture is pragmatic culture, Creative culture, Enthusiasm culture, Integrity culture and synergy culture. Peoples of wan steel should be pragmatic, creative, integrity, enthusiasm and advance together.

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