◆Asian crude steel production dropped 1....
     According to the recent data published by the World Steel Association, the crude steel production by...
◆2015-5-20 Mexico clients came wan steel
◆ASEAN HRC Steel import prices advance t...
     ASEAN hot rolled cold (HRC) steel import prices (CFR ASEAN port) advanced by $3 a ton to $378 a ton ...
◆Bao steel introduced carbon steel produ...
     Baosteel introduced carbon steel products price adjustment policy in June 2015

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Stainless Welded Pipe
     Ф6x1Ф34x2-8Ф70x3-10Ф152x3-20Ф 8x1-2Ф36x2-8Ф73x3-10Ф159x3-25Ф10x1-2Ф38x2-8Ф76x2-16Ф168x3-30Ф12x1-3......
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Cold Rolled Stainless She...
     Size:0.1-3mm, width:1000mm/1219mm/1250mm,etc 304/S30400,304LS30403,310S/S31008316/S31600,316L/S3160......
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Cold Rolled Stainless She...
     04,C≤0.08 Ni8.00~10.00 Cr18.00~20.00,Mn<=2.0 Si<=1.0 S<=0.030 P<=0.045...
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